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Maybe if I actually had someone else to fucking sing with me, it wouldnt be an issue.




I think Everyone at Venice High School knows who this is about.

Haha does it start with an A…

More like an M..
Its me.

It definitely starts with an A and ends with a Y. -.- And there’s also a M soloist.  

Maybe if I actually had someone else to fucking sing with me, it wouldnt be an issue.





I think Everyone at Venice High School knows who this is about.

Haha does it start with an A…

More like an M..

Its me.

It definitely starts with an A and ends with a Y. -.- And there’s also a M soloist.  

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tumblr wont let me click the name of my blog at the top to see my past posts and stuff. is anyone else having this problem?



Some people are so low, that they take out all their discrepencies on people who can not defend themselves: children. Then, there’s the person who’s so afraid to be targeted themselves, that they just stand aside and watch. I hate these people with everything that I am. I promise myself, I will never be that person.



Finally, almost.

I’ve been working on a peice that (to me) is ground breaking. It examines the human species in reference to age and culture. It also pries through the inner workings of people who can and can not control themselves.

People who do not think in a logical way are thought to be mentally and legally insane. Would you ever logically kill someone? No. Does that make our high security prisons a mental hospial without help?

Why do people act the way they do?

The human psychy is so completely conditioned by society. While one 12 year old may be married and pregnant in one country, a 15 year old cant help from giggle upon hearing the word “Penis.”

Yet, even in individual cultures there are still some who are more or less immature than their peers. Do we blame the parents? But, some children with bad parents turn out more than fine.

The Anatomy of the Human and its ability to perform under all circumstances. Sounds easy enough. But I think when you read it, something will click and i’ll give you a point of view you may not have known even existed.



Oh, Julian.. We wont protect you here.

Julian Assange: One man that anyone with any political involvement would love to spend 5 minutes alone in a room with. Oh, except maybe women, considering he’s wanted for rape in Sweden. But that’s besides the point.

 I think Mr. Assange is a bit confused. You see,  the American Constitution only protects those who are American citizens, not just people who are her. And while Obama doesn’t have the balls to sign the waver to shut down the sight or arrest him (for a number of completely legal reasons under the Espionage Act), other countries throughout the world do.

In the recent release of thousands of United States confidential documents, the private opinions of many former and current world leaders (such as Her Majesty, The Queen of England and) about other countries were placed on the web for the world to see. Many of those opinions are about Iraq, Afghanistan, China and North Korea. That, now especially, is a very sensitive issue.

Julian is a citizen of Australia. Technically, they are the only country that could protect him if any country wanted to file charges against him for leaking the classified information if the documents involved that particular country. In some countries, it could possibly be considered a war crime, depending on what the documents hold. Australia… it’s much like Canada. They kind of just stay out of it, and they would much rather be peacefully forgotten. I really wonder if Mr. Assange really believes that Australia will keep him from prosecution.

Mr. Assange, you are not an American. You can not release these documents as leverage just because you dont agree with how we handle things here. You have no say what-so-ever in what this country does, and I’ll be damned if you everdo. You have endangered the lives of so many. Troops, activists, and I’m sure many more. I hope to see pictures of you in your 6x6 cell. I hope that the blood of the human rights activists that you tossed into the arms of danger stains your hands forever. I hope you think of all the people who are be suffering because of what you did. You are a selfish man, and I take no pitty on you.



A Fair Warning: Don’t Mess With My Constitution.

Look, here’s the deal. This is a BLOG. I am NOT a news service. Even though I try to bring in both sides, I (nor most news services) am not obligated to have both sides of an argument. Heck, if I wanted to, I could say that aliens teamed up with the Taliban and hypnotized the Pope into convincing the President of the United States that Italy is secretly making nuclear bombs underground and is planning on shooting them at us and unless we bomb them first, they’re gonna “nuke” us all. Oh, and the sky is a lovely shade of lilac. Wanna know why? Because the constitution says so. That is one thing I will defend to the ends of this Earth. Look, I understand that some of the things people say and do might be childish, annoying, petty, and so on. But, let’s be frank here, the only reason you don’t want them doing or saying those things, is because it’s not what you believe. I’ve been there too, it sucks. But guess what? YOU CANT DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT. That’s the reason I love it. You can’t make this cranky old pastor in Florida not burn a Quran, any more than he can stop Muslim extremists from burning the Bible. What I’m really getting to is, the only reason you have the right to argue back at me, is the same reason that I have the right to post it. You can’t have one without the other. If you think I’m an extremist for believing in the constitution, the move to Afghanistan and find yourself a new name. Yeah, you might have to give up the computer and fancy Internet connection. You also are really gonna have to watch what you say.

Bottom Line: Dont comment “Anonymously” on my blog about how I’m an extremist because I believe that people have the right to do what they want (although you have the constitutional right to do so). I know it hurts, I know how it feels to have someone blatently argue against everything you stand for and be unable to even talk back. However, the constitution tells me that I can tell you to SUCK IT UP. Seriously, don’t cry to me and don’t tell me I’m wrong when you can’t even post it with your real name (although you have the constitutional right to do so). Don’t tell me that I’m extreme for believing that people have the right to be free (although you have the constitutional right to do so). If you do, be prepared for some Constitution Whoop-ass. Nothing gets me more angry than an arrogant commy. :D

 To top this off, I’ll add some controversial pictures.

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I made some changes to my Dear Mr. President blog. Added some stuff. and.. actually spell checked it.. Check it out.



Axiom Revelation Exhibit.: Dear Mr. President,

Thanks for the advice. I understand that the problem with the educational system is mainly controlled by the unions, and not Obama. However (and as I completely predicted), he promised major change and reform in education, and how students are taught, and never came through. In fact, I have yet to read a single thing about any sort of interest he has in education. I guess that was the one thing I thought he couldn’t mess up. Of course, he never ceases to disappoint.

Best Regards,




I really don’t know where to start. I could tell you about how you make these decisions that you think are so minuscule, but they will lead to a bad ending. I could tell you how many of your decisions are affecting not only me, but every single teenager in the United States, and even some foreign…

You made such an eloquent argument that I am literally crying manly tears.

The problem with the public education system lies not with the president but with the all powerful teachers union. Rupert Murdoch wrote an excellent editorial on this last week in the Wall Street Journal (republished on Fox):

As an aspiring doctor myself, I too have realized the severe financial burden going into medicine is going to entail. 

So what do?

Figure out how to generate as much positive cash flow as possible. This is America, not France, no one is going to help your ass. Buckle down and make some benjamins. Do well in school so you can get into one of the high paying specialties e.g. Radiation Oncology and  Dermatology

It is a hard fight though. I started a small business to help me pay for medical school and it is extremely hard for me to see 55% of everything I make go to the government to support policies I hate….but what can we do ya know

Your Comrade,

Dimitry Sikorsky

Obama Fail Blog- real stuff, real failure

Dear Mr. President,

I really don’t know where to start. I could tell you about how you make these decisions that you think are so minuscule, but they always lead to a bad ending. I could tell you how many of your decisions are affecting not only me, but every single teenager in the United States, and even some foreign students that were looking forward to sharing their expertise with America. I could point out every single place that you have been wrong. I could tell you every time you wouldn’t admit you were wrong. I could yell at you, I could scream, I promise you, I could go on forever.

I wanted to be a teacher. Now, there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen. Every year I see that some of my favorite teachers no longer have jobs. Usually, they’re the new ones. They know how to communicate with my generation, and know how to use technology to teach. Some of the teachers who get to keep their jobs are there simply because they’ve been in the system long enough. They’re old and tired. They hate technology, and think of our generation as a whole bunch of hoodlums. One time, when I had a teacher like that, I was the only person who passed the class with a “C”. She was just so mean and unhelpful, that many of the students just gave up. Everyone knows about these teachers. If you’re lucky, you’ll have some older friends to tell you which teachers you should and should not have. Don’t you think that they can fire the teachers who’s classes are repeatedly failing? NO. They can’t, because of the stupid unions. Teachers tell me that once you’re tenured, you can do just about anything, except murder, assault, and sexual misconduct, and you will not get fired. It’s like this in many unions. You still defend them.

Now, I want to be a Doctor. If you looked at my parents tax income records, it would seem like we’re well-off. Looks can be decieving. We were sucked into extremely high mortgage rates, and most of our money ends up there. It makes it hard for my parents to save up for my college. How am I going to survive 8 years of training? I have no Idea.

About this college credit. Why do you think that giving $2,500 dollars to high school graduates will really help them? That wouldn’t even cover the cost of a 1 year meal plan, you’d still be about $1,000 short. All that is going to do is put America into more debt. That $2,500 dollars to a college in pocket change. $2,500 will not help a student succeed. The ones who deserve it, get scholarships. I haven’t received a usable scholarship, and I have completely come to terms with.

When I was a kid, I would always give, or get the argument “it’s a free country.” But you’re not making it seem that way. Every day I hear new stories about Christians not being able to show the cross, but Muslims can do whatever they want to symbolize their religion. Americans cant hang their flags, but the foreign family down the street can. Why can’t we all just do whatever we want. Who are you to tell me what to do? NOBODY. I didn’t vote for you, I have never supported you. As far as I’m concerned, most of you’re rules don’t apply to me. I’ll hang my flag where ever the hell I want to. Heck, I might just build a cross shaped house and spray paint my lawn red, white, and blue. Anything to get the point across, really.

Remember how you and your fellow career politicians said that the stimulus would halt unemployment? Well it didn’t. Unemployment is skyrocketing. You argue that if we didn’t do the stimulus, we would have been going spiraling down. Um, look around. Maybe everything is perfect and luxurious in the White house, but get out of that cashmere robe, walk down the street, and maybe you’ll remember that the rest of America is struggling. We have been sinking. Did you mean we would sink worse? Who told you that would happen? You can’t answer that question, because the most likely place you got it is from one of your advisers. Notice how all but one of them have/will quit? Good job.

Mark my words, if you keep doing the same thing over and over and over, we will just go deeper into this debt. Do you think that just because its a different time, something different will happen? I would be a better president than you at this point. I’m so completely disappointed with your performance, and I feel bad for those who were tricked by your amazing speaking skills and promises of change. I’ve heard many who have recently realized the terrible choice they make with their vote.

Why do you hate the people who point out your flaws? You’re the president, you need to come to terms with the fact that people aren’t going to agree with you. when bush was in office, did he lash out at you or CNN for criticizing him? No, he was mature. Something you really need to learn. Fox news shows the other side. And they have good reason to. The economy is spiraling down and the people deserve to know why. Get used to it.

I hope the state courts are smart enough to have read the constitution and figure out that the government can not charge money to those who refuse a service. Notice that it’s not a tax, its a fine. I know that you want to leave a lasting impression on our counrty, but don’t you worry. You’ll always be know as the guy who has in 19 months, built up more debt then all U.S. presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan combined. You’ll always be known as the one who tried, and failed. The one who could never admit that they did something wrong. Don’t worry, I’m sure the textbooks will find something good about you. Infact, that’s a pretty nice hair cut you’ve got there.

I could go on forever. Bottom line: stop interfering with our lives. Presidents are there to protect. Pay off our debt, or we’ll replace you with someone who can get the job done. You’ve got 823 days, 23 hours. The clock is ticking. Get to work.



P.S.- I also don’t want to be apart of your health care reform when I’m a doctor. I may even go as far as excepting only those who have private insurance. So stick that in your juice box and suck it.

P.P.S.- I know I told you to get back to work, but I think maybe if you just sat around and did nothing, I might be better off.

P.P.P.S.- It took a lot of strength to call you “Mr. President”.. Be thankful.